The Princess Diaries 2001-08-03 ( current )

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A socially awkward but very bright 15-year-old girl being raised by a single mom discovers that she is the princess of a small European country because of the recent death of her long-absent father, who, unknown to her, was the crown prince of Genovia. She must make a choice between continuing the life of a San Francisco teen or stepping up to the throne.

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  • Anne Hathaway
  • Julie Andrews
  • Heather Matarazzo
  • Robert Schwartzman
  • Héctor Elizondo
  • Garry Marshall (Director)
  • Gina Wendkos (Screenplay)
  • Mario Iscovich (Producer)
  • Whitney Houston (Producer)
  • Debra Martin Chase (Producer)

Bottom of the Ninth Productions


United States of America



Release Date:

2001-08-03 USA

Run Time:

115 min