A Town of Love and Hope 1959-11-17 ( current )

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Trying to make ends meet this way, Masuo also receives help from his teacher who is trying to land him a good job and he also falls under the wing of Kyoko, an older student whose heart is touched after Masuo sells his pigeons to her. However, after his scam is revealed, can these feelings truly remain the same?

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  • Fumio Watanabe
  • Yuki Tominaga
  • Kakuko Chino
  • Yuko Mochizuki
  • Fujio Suga
  • Nagisa Ōshima (Director)
  • Nagisa Ōshima (Writer)
  • Riichirô Manabe (Original Music Composer)
  • Hiroshi Kusuda (Director of Photography)
  • Yoshi Sugihara (Editor)

Shochiku Co., Ltd.





Release Date:

1959-11-17 USA

Run Time:

62 min