Demolition Man 1993-10-08 ( current )

6.5 /10
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Simon Phoenix, a violent criminal cryogenically frozen in 1996, has escaped during a parole hearing in 2032 in the utopia of San Angeles. Police are incapable of dealing with his violent ways and turn to his captor, John Spartan, who had also been cryogenically frozen when wrongfully accused of killing 30 innocent people while apprehending Phoenix.

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Demolition Man User reviews


_Demolition Man_ may not exactly be the perfect movie, but the core idea behind the plot is something I've never ever seen done before or since. It's pretty mindless and fairly hammy, but it's fun and enough of an experience to get me across the finish line, no worse for the experience. _Final rating:★★★ - I liked it. Would personally recommend you give it a go._

  • Sylvester Stallone
  • Wesley Snipes
  • Sandra Bullock
  • Nigel Hawthorne
  • Benjamin Bratt
  • Marco Brambilla (Director)
  • Daniel Waters (Screenplay)
  • Robert Reneau (Screenplay)
  • Peter M. Lenkov (Screenplay)
  • Steven Bratter (Executive Producer)

Silver Pictures


United States of America



Release Date:

1993-10-08 USA

Run Time:

115 min