The Santa Clause 2 2002-10-31 ( current )

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Better watch out! The big guy in red is coming to town once again. This time, Scott Calvin -- also known as Santa Claus -- finds out there's an obscure clause in his contract requiring him to take on a wife. He has to leave the North Pole to fulfill his obligations, or else he'll be forced to give up his Yuletide gig.

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  • Tim Allen
  • Elizabeth Mitchell
  • David Krumholtz
  • Eric Lloyd
  • Spencer Breslin
  • Michael Lembeck (Director)
  • Leonardo Benvenuti (Screenplay)
  • Steve Rudnick (Screenplay)
  • Robert F. Newmyer (Producer)
  • Brian Reilly (Producer)

Boxing Cat Films


United States of America



Release Date:

2002-10-31 USA

Run Time:

104 min