Dead Man's Letters 1986-12-12 ( current )

6.8 /10
34 Reviews

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In a world after the nuclear apocalypse a scholar helps a small group of children and adults survive, staying with them in the basement of the former museum of history. In his mind he writes letters to his son — though it is obvious that they will never be read.

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Dead Man's Letters User reviews


Interesting an depressing movie with great staging. In some ways, really similar to "Threads".

  • Rolan Bykov
  • Iosif Ryklin
  • Aleksandr Sabinin
  • Nora Gryakalova
  • Vadim Lobanov
  • Konstantin Lopushanskiy (Director)
  • Konstantin Lopushanskiy (Writer)
  • Vyacheslav Rybakov (Writer)
  • Boris Strugatsky (Writer)





Science Fiction

Release Date:

1986-12-12 USA

Run Time:

87 min