Upside Down 2012-09-27 ( current )

6.2 /10
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In an alternate universe where twinned worlds have opposite gravities, a young man battles interplanetary prejudice and the laws of physics in his quest to reunite with the long-lost girl of his dreams in this visually stunning romantic adventure that poses the question: what if love was stronger than gravity?

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  • Kirsten Dunst
  • Jim Sturgess
  • Timothy Spall
  • James Kidnie
  • Holly Uloth
  • Juan Diego Solanas (Director)
  • Juan Diego Solanas (Screenplay)
  • Santiago Amigorena (Adaptation)
  • Dimitri Rassam (Producer)
  • Aton Soumache (Producer)

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Release Date:

2012-09-27 USA

Run Time:

104 min