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An isolated farm in a remote part of the Jura region: this is where Pauline and Alex are living in complete self-sufficient harmony with nature. Their life project is sealed by their love, their ideals and their work. The couple is now ready to take the step towards total independence, and start producing their own electricity. The arrival of Samuel, who comes to install a wind turbine, deeply troubles Pauline, upsetting their relationship and their values.

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  • Mélanie Thierry
  • Pierre Deladonchamps
  • Nuno Lopes
  • Anastasia Shevtsova
  • Bettina Oberli (Director)
  • Stéphane Kuthy (Director of Photography)
  • Bettina Oberli (Screenplay)
  • Antoine Jaccoud (Screenplay)
  • Arnaud Rebotini (Original Music Composer)


Release Date:

2018-09-26 USA

Run Time:

88 min