The Firm Basics - Sculpting with Weights 1998-04-01 ( current )

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This 45 minutes easy to follow workout designed by the Firm Founder Anna Benson, is lead by Tracie Long. A total body warm up is followed by a seated down stretch (6 minutes). Alternating weights and cardio (27 minutes) tone muscles & maintain a fat burning heart rate. For beginner & advanced exercisers, all can be easily modified to any fitness level. Floor work (9 minutes) includes pecs, core, inner thigh & pelvic floor exercises. Relaxing stretches (3 minutes) conclude the workout. If you've never held a dumbbell before, this user friendly workout will make your entire body stronger & visibly slimmer.

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  • Tracie Long
  • Ginger Brown
  • Kimberly Brown
  • Jeanne A. Copelston
  • Carissa Foster
  • Anna L. Benson (Director)
  • Mark S. Henriksen (Writer)
  • Anna L. Benson (Producer)
  • Cynthia S. Benson (Executive Producer)

United States of America

Release Date:

1998-04-01 USA

Run Time:

45 min