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Aleksandar Zograf, a renowned cartoonist discovers an unusual comic book from World War II. The comic’s hero is Kaktus Kid – a small cactus trapped in his pot. Intrigued, Zograf investigates into the life of Kaktus Kid’s creator – little known artist Veljko Kockar. He soon discovers that Kockar was arrested just after the liberation of Belgrade in 1944. He was charged for being a Gestapo agent and executed. Zograf’s investigation reveals a far more complex story: Kockar’s identity and artistic works were stolen, he possibly has an affair with the girlfriend of a guerilla soldier and he drew anti-communist propaganda for the Nazis. As he explores the story and pieces together the scraps of evidence 70 years after it happened Zograf is faced with his own personal and artistic dilemmas: why do these little drawings have such power to give consolation but also lead to violence?

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  • Aleksandar Zograf
  • Jovan Ćirilov
  • Milutin Milošević
  • Zdravko Zupan
  • Robert Crumb
  • Vladimir Simić (Writer)
  • Ivana Antić (Producer)
  • Đorđe Marković (Producer)
  • Đorđe Marković (Director)
  • Kosta Glušica (Director of Photography)

Tuna Fish Studio





Release Date:

2018-05-07 USA

Run Time:

62 min