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Celeste is a renowned opera diva who retired early for the man she loved to live on a crumbling and beautiful estate in the heart of a rainforest in Far North Queensland. Ten years after the tragic death of her husband, Mateos, in a boating accident, Celeste is set to return to the stage for her final performance. Her husband’s son Jack, still haunted by the past, arrives amidst the preparations for the performance and finds Celeste is as he remembered – beautiful, intoxicating and dangerous. Celeste wants Jack to stay at the estate, but needs him to perform one last request.

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  • Radha Mitchell
  • Thomas Cocquerel
  • Nadine Garner
  • Odessa Young
  • Emm Wiseman
  • Ben Hackworth (Director)
  • Ben Hackworth (Writer)
  • Lizzette Atkins (Producer)
  • Raphael Cocks (Producer)
  • Shaun Miller (Executive Producer)

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Release Date:

2018-08-03 USA