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The theme for this remarkable new film will be "Saiyan", the strongest race in the universe. Since "Battle of Gods", Goku has undergone new forms from Super Saiyan God to Super Saiyan Blue to other evolved forms that have gone up against many invincible warriors from multiple universes. This new story will focus on the origin of the Saiyans' strength and what it means to be Saiyan.

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  • Masako Nozawa
  • Ryou Horikawa
  • Toshio Furukawa
  • Akira Toriyama (Characters)
  • Tatsuya Nagamine (Director)
  • Naohiro Shintani (Animation Director)
  • Kazuo Ogura (Art Direction)
  • Mehdi Aouichaoui (Animation)

Toei Animation





Release Date:

2018-12-14 USA

Run Time:

80 min