Becoming Jessica Nigri 2018-01-26 ( current )

8 /10
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Jessica Nigri is an internationally renowned cosplayer, racking up millions of social media followers and the number one Patreon page in cosplay. Directed by Mat Hames, Becoming Jessica Nigri explores Nigri’s life, from a magical childhood growing up with quirky parents in New Zealand, to entering middle school in the U.S. where she was mercilessly teased for her “nerdy” interests. Through cosplay, Nigri learned that becoming someone else gives her the courage to be herself.

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★★★★ Yet another solid doc from Rooster Teeth. I never fully understood the more personal side of Nigri's life as well as the extent of the work she does, but through this documentary I was able to have a better understanding of both.

  • Jessica Nigri
  • Barbara Dunkelman
  • Cory Nigri
  • Jacqueline Nigri
  • Ryan Brandt
  • Mat Hames (Director)
  • Burnie Burns (Executive Producer)
  • Matt Hullum (Executive Producer)
  • Doreen Copeland (Supervising Producer)
  • Hannah McCarthy (Producer)

Alpheus Media


United States of America



Release Date:

2018-01-26 USA

Run Time:

48 min