Soul on Ice: Past, Present and Future 2017-10-21 ( current )

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Soul On Ice: Past, Present, and Future is a film that presents and retells the unknown contributions of black athletes in ice hockey. For untold decades, hockey was seen as a homogeneous sport, exciting to watch but played by one kind of player. But people deserve to now know of the exploits of athletes who dared to stand out, and dared to make the sport their own. These Black athletes dared to give their sport soul.

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  • Jaden Lindo
  • Georges Laraque
  • Don Cherry
  • Grant Fuhr
  • Wayne Simmonds
  • Damon Kwame Mason (Director)
  • Damon Kwame Mason (Writer)
  • Anson Carter (Executive Producer)
  • Michael P. Douglas (Co-Producer)
  • Damon Kwame Mason (Producer)

Top Shelf Productions





Release Date:

2017-10-21 USA

Run Time:

86 min