A Haunting on Hamilton Street 2010-10-28 ( current )

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3 locations, 760 hours of investigation, condensed into a hair raising 90 Minutes! The most thorough paranormal investigation ever conducted! A location so active as exorcist had to be flown in! With its violent land lawless past, Old Town Saginaw may be one of the most haunted places in the United States. Running through Old Town like a main artery is the infamous Hamilton Street. What will investigators uncover amongst the centuries-old structures? What lurks in the shadows awaiting them? Watch the disturbing evidence unfold as investigators spend an astonishing 24 months exploring prohibition-era tunnels, a former mortuary and a hotel/saloon inhabited by a malevolent demonic entity. Witness the most thorough paranormal investigation ever conducted!

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  • Adam Eugenio
  • Brian Harnois
  • Tim Rooney
  • Steven "Prozak" Shippy
  • Steven "Prozak" Shippy (Director)
  • Joseph Genevish (Executive Producer)
  • Morris A. Robinson (Executive Producer)
  • Makell Richard Weeks (Executive Producer)

United States of America



Release Date:

2010-10-28 USA

Run Time:

78 min