Almost Nothing: So Continues the Night 2017-09-30 ( current )

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For us, a thought always presupposes a society, a culture and above all the consciousness of time. We are haunted by immortality, human notion par excellence. As if the world was here to fascinate us. And to disappoint us. The film travels around the bulb like the Earth around the Sun. Light makes the film visible. A fragile film, like our existence. In the orbit of the film tragedy and our reality, the image resists the cruelty of the experiment.

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  • Martina Kramer
  • Jean de Breyne
  • Davor Sanvincenti (Director)
  • Christian Fennesz (Music)
  • Nenad Sinkauz (Music)
  • Ivan Slipčević (Cinematography)






Release Date:

2017-09-30 USA

Run Time:

12 min