Incontinuous 2017-06-02 ( current )

9 /10
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After young journalism student Ian Redford is convinced into stealing a government laptop and writing a whistleblower article on the documents it contained by stranger Dexter Drofder, Ian must learn to live with the fame, fortune, notoriety, stress, and paranoia that comes with writing the "story of the century."

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  • Aidan Mead
  • Mason Standish
  • Zani Wilson
  • Tyler Hueffmeier
  • Jacob Benton
  • Aidan Mead (Director)
  • Aidan Mead (Writer)
  • Aidan Mead (Director of Photography)
  • Darren Curtis (Music)

Flitzer Media


United States of America



Release Date:

2017-06-02 USA

Run Time:

77 min