Room to Dream: David Lynch and the Independent Filmmaker 2005-01-01 ( current )

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See and hear how the acclaimed director brings his unique vision to the screen with technologies that are now within easier reach for the independent filmmakers. Interspersed with behind the scenes footage from a recent project, Lynch muses on the art of filmmaking, offers wisdom to aspiring filmmakers, and shows you the power of today's tools to give you Room To Dream. Then take a closer look at how digital technologies can transform your approach to production. Using an Avid Xpress Studio HD system plus associated Digidesign and Softimage products, Room To Dream presents on-screen demonstrations--featuring clips from Lynch's project--that walk you through the pre and post production, editing, color correction, visual effects, tilting, final output, and more.

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  • David Lynch

Avid Technologies Inc.


United States of America



Release Date:

2005-01-01 USA

Run Time:

20 min