Aisyah: Biarkan Kami Bersaudara 2016-05-19 ( current )

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Aisyah just graduated. She lives in Ciwidey, West Java, a religious village near a tea plantation, with her mother and younger brother. Her father had died a few years ago. She wants to be a teacher. One day, she gets a call from the foundation where she enrolled: she gets her wish fulfilled at the location that she never knows: Derok, North Middle Timor District. From the beginning she feels like a "foreigner". The local people mistake her as Sister Maria, just because she wears a veil like a sister. The people is expecting the arrival of Sister Maria as a teacher in the village. This isolated village is without electricity and cellular signals. The new environment, the different tradition and religion make Aisyah giddy. Fortunately there is Pedro (Arie Kriting) who makes the problems easy. She must face the hatred of one of his student, Lordis Defam. Through the chief, she understand that she is a Muslim who is considered an enemy by Lordis Defam who is a catholic

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  • Laudya Cynthia Bella
  • Ge Pamungkas
  • Lydia Kandou
  • Arie Kriting
  • Herwin Novianto (Director)
  • Hamdhani Koestoro (Producer)
  • Jujur Prananto (Writer)
  • Gunawan Raharja (Writer)




Release Date:

2016-05-19 USA

Run Time:

109 min