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Joanne is a model, a teacher, a fighter, a chameleon. But when her private semi-nude photos went public, this woman of many talents came to be simply known as 'the topless teacher'. Together with her former student, artist Simon Fujiwara, she seeks to reclaim her image through social media and branding tactics. Shifting between advertisement and portraiture, this meta-narrative on identity manages to infuse playfulness in its layered commentary on who you are and how you're seen.

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  • Joanne Salley
  • Simon Fujiwara (Director)
  • Simon Fujiwara (Editor)
  • Jamie Quantrill (Cinematography)
  • Rob Szeliga (Sound)
  • Patrick Singer (Music)

Simon Fujiwara


United Kingdom



Release Date:

2017-01-13 USA

Run Time:

12 min