The Meme Machine 2016-12-16 ( current )

7 /10
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Where did memes come from? Can you make a meme? What happens when you become a meme? In The Meme Machine, Rooster Teeth explores the origins of memes, how they spread, and digs into the stories behind some of the most popular “human memes” like Ermahgerd Girl, Overly Attached Girlfriend, and Chocolate Rain Guy.

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The Meme Machine User reviews


_★★★½_ A really unique look into memes, the people behind them, and their history.

  • Mica Burton
  • Jon Risinger
  • Burnie Burns
  • Matt Hullum
  • Gus Sorola
  • Mat Hames (Director)
  • Burnie Burns (Executive Producer)
  • Matt Hullum (Executive Producer)
  • Doreen Copeland (Supervising Producer)
  • Daniel Fabelo (Producer)

Rooster Teeth Productions


United States of America



Release Date:

2016-12-16 USA

Run Time:

53 min