Aadhi Bato 2014-04-04 ( current )

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Aadhi Bato is a traingular love story nepali movie featuring Jenisha KC, Yash Kumar (singer), Sabin Shrestha, Anu Shah and Ruby Rana in main roles. Aadhi Bato movie is shot mostly in kathmandu and Kalinchowk with some scenes of UK as well.

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  • Sabin Shrestha
  • Anu Shah
  • Yash Kumar
  • Jenisha K.C.
  • Ruby Rana
  • Shabir Shrestha (Director)
  • Nawaraj Krishna Thapa (Cinematography)
  • Jagadishwor Thapa (Story)
  • Jagadishwor Thapa (Screenplay)
  • Jagadishwor Thapa (Dialogue)




Release Date:

2014-04-04 USA

Run Time:

138 min