Tai Chi - 6 Forms, 6 Easy Lessons 2000-12-19 ( current )

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Tai Chi: 6 Forms, 6 Easy Lessons moves at a steady and fluid pace that is accessible to all levels of fitness. The instructor, Dr. Paul Lam, condenses this practice into six lessons, taught with meticulous explanation and repetition. The constant recap of each form aids in creating an approachable and easy-to-follow learning environment. Each routine is added piece by piece, which makes comprehending the overall continuity easy. Although effective in practice, video instruction may not be ideal in theory because Tai Chi lacks the same calming effects when performed in front of the television set. But this method offers such practical and basic instruction that all levels will soon be doing Tai Chi in the atmosphere of their choice. Each of the segments can be put together to form a cohesive and continuous workout or performed separately if participants want to zero in on specific forms.

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  • Dr Paul Lam

Wellspring Media


United States of America



Release Date:

2000-12-19 USA

Run Time:

100 min