Thelma 2017-09-15 ( current )

7 /10
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A college student starts to experience extreme seizures while studying at a university in Oslo, Norway. She soon learns that the violent episodes are a symptom of inexplicable, and often dangerous, supernatural abilities.

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Thelma User reviews


It's a pretty artistic film with lots of silence and many pictures. At times it can be difficult to tell the difference between dream and reality. While the scenes help build up suspense and many things are cleared up towards the end of the movie, the ending was unsatisfactory. Once the secret is revealed, the character takes some questionable actions. Actions that seem like the introduction to a super villain movie. It's not a film I'd watch again, but not a film I'd consider a waste of time. I might give the viewers something serious to talk about.

  • Eili Harboe
  • Kaya Wilkins
  • Henrik Rafaelsen
  • Ellen Dorrit Petersen
  • Grethe Eltervåg
  • Joachim Trier (Director)
  • Joachim Trier (Writer)
  • Eskil Vogt (Writer)
  • Olivier Bugge Coutté (Editor)
  • Ola Fløttum (Original Music Composer)

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Release Date:

2017-09-15 USA

Run Time:

116 min