Silent Country 1992-05-07 ( current )

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A young, naive and enthusiastic theater director named Kai comes to a grim provincial town to put on Beckett's Waiting for Godot. Although the lethargic theater company shows no interest in the play, his spirit remains undaunted.Meanwhile, it is fall 1989. The world is changing and somewhere, far away in the capital, a revolution is taking place and it seems that wishes might come true. Great hopes emerge in the little town and unexpected events overtake Kai's mutating production.

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  • Thorsten Merten
  • Jeannette Arndt
  • Kurt Böwe
  • Petra Kelling
  • Horst Westphal
  • Andreas Dresen (Director)
  • Laila Stieler (Writer)
  • Andreas Dresen (Writer)
  • Wolfgang Pfeiffer (Producer)
  • Andreas Höfer (Director of Photography)

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Release Date:

1992-05-07 USA

Run Time:

95 min