Let's Play Live: The Documentary 2015-09-14 ( current )

8.3 /10
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Let’s Play Live: The Documentary follows Achievement Hunter as it turns online gaming into a first-of-its-kind live event. The documentary not only explores why Let’s Plays are so popular, but also how the convergence of gaming and community are redefining the stages once reserved for only the biggest of rock stars.

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Let's Play Live: The Documentary User reviews


_★★★½_ Overall, a fun documentary but it was a little short.

  • Ryan Haywood
  • Geoff Ramsey
  • Jack Pattillo
  • Gavin Free
  • Michael Jones
  • Daniel Fabelo (Director)
  • Daniel Fabelo (Editor)
  • Daniel Fabelo (Camera Operator)
  • Jacob Hamilton (Camera Operator)
  • Jason Harter (Camera Operator)

Rooster Teeth Productions


United States of America



Release Date:

2015-09-14 USA

Run Time:

27 min