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A documentary about the german podcast, blogger and youtuber scene in germany, switzerland, austria and finnland. Marc Litz is not only interviewing podcasters of all genres, to make the trip more interesting he is also undertaking an adventurous voyage through german-speaking countries on foot under the strict rules of his film-team.

What Netflix does to the movie business, Apple is doing to the music business, and Amazon is doing to book publishing. Amazon is now selling more Kindle copies of books than newspaper copies. Facebook is bit more than a way to absorb people's personal information, and sell it to advertisers Google Cup, plus new facial recognition technology, will make that much less complicated. Facebook has created over eighty million fake accounts. The hope is that the author, for example, will see their account already set up, and decide to use that. For that reason, the author says that he will never post about Facebook.

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  • Marc Litz
  • Marc Litz (Director)






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2016-03-01 USA