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Shout Gladi Gladi is a documentary about hope. It tells the story of one woman's quest to cure fistula and save mother's lives in Africa. Shot in Malawi and Sierra Leone (just prior to the Ebola crisis) this is an intense portrait of the people suffering from fistula and the struggle of those who are not only trying to fix this condition but curtail it through better maternal health care. In addition, it is about women's empowerment, specifically through a radical device from BBOXX, a solar powered generator that provides the women not only with electricity in a region where there is none but also as a means to make money by charging cell phones.

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  • Meryl Streep
  • Wole Soyinka
  • Ann Gloag
  • Yata Lahai
  • Chief of Mphendu
  • Adam Friedman (Director)
  • Iain Kennedy (Director)
  • Iain Kennedy (Writer)

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Release Date:

2015-10-01 USA

Run Time:

100 min