Seven Samurai 1954-04-26 ( current )

8.3 /10
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A samurai answers a village's request for protection after he falls on hard times. The town needs protection from bandits, so the samurai gathers six others to help him teach the people how to defend themselves, and the villagers provide the soldiers with food. A giant battle occurs when 40 bandits attack the village.

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Fantastic movie with a great touch of reality.

  • Toshirō Mifune
  • Takashi Shimura
  • Yoshio Inaba
  • Seiji Miyaguchi
  • Minoru Chiaki
  • Akira Kurosawa (Director)
  • Shinobu Hashimoto (Screenplay)
  • Hideo Oguni (Screenplay)
  • Akira Kurosawa (Screenplay)
  • Sôjirô Motoki (Producer)

Toho Company, Ltd.





Release Date:

1954-04-26 USA

Run Time:

207 min