My Love, Don't Cross That River 2014-11-27 ( current )

6.6 /10
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There live a couple known as ‘100-year-old lovebirds’. As fairy tale's characters, the husband is strong like a woodman, and the wife is full of charms like a princess. They dearly love each other wearing Korean traditional clothes all the time, and still fall asleep hand in hand. However, the death, quietly and like a thief, sit between them. This film starts from this moment, and follows the last moments of 76 years of their marriage.

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  • 조병만
  • 강계열
  • Jin Mo-young (Director)
  • Jin Mo-young (Writer)
  • Kyung-soo Han (Producer)
  • Min-woo Jeong (Original Music Composer)
  • Jin Mo-young (Director of Photography)

Argus Film


South Korea



Release Date:

2014-11-27 USA

Run Time:

86 min