Justice League: Throne of Atlantis 2015-01-27 ( current )

6.6 /10
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After the events of Justice League: War, Ocean Master and Black Manta have declared a war against the surface in retaliation of the aftermath of Apokoliptian-tyrant Darkseid's planetary invasion. Queen Atlanna seeks out her other son, Ocean Master’s half-brother Arthur Curry, a half-human with aquatic powers with no knowledge of his Atlantean heritage, to restore balance. Living with powers he doesn’t understand and seeing the danger around him, Curry takes steps to embrace his destiny, joining the Justice League, and with his new teammates he battles to save Earth from total destruction.

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  • Sean Astin
  • Rosario Dawson
  • Nathan Fillion
  • Christopher Gorham
  • Matt Lanter
  • Heath Corson (Writer)
  • Ethan Spaulding (Director)
  • Geoff Johns (Story)
  • Jay Oliva (Storyboard Designer)
  • James Tucker (Supervising Producer)

DC Comics


United States of America


Science Fiction

Release Date:

2015-01-27 USA

Run Time:

72 min