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For as long as she can remember, Haruko has wanted to be a geisha. Eager to start her career, she approaches a teahouse in one of Kyoto’s famous geisha districts to become an apprentice geisha, or maiko—only to be rejected due to her lack of references, country bumpkin dialect and uncultivated demeanor. By chance, her accent catches the interest of Professor Kyono, a linguistics specialist and regular patron at the teahouse. He strikes a deal with the teahouse proprietor, promising to transform Haruko’s strong dialect into ladylike speech within 6 months. But becoming a maiko is no easy feat: have the professor and Haruko underestimated the task ahead? Based loosely on the Audrey Hepburn classic My Fair Lady, Lady Maiko is a musical comedy that provides a window into the world of geisha and the dedication it takes to achieve your dreams.

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  • Mone Kamishiraishi
  • Hiroki Hasegawa
  • Sumiko Fuji
  • Tamiyo Kusakari
  • Eri Watanabe
  • Masayuki Suo (Writer)
  • Masayuki Suo (Director)
  • Takao Tsuchimoto (Producer)
  • Ken Tsuchiya (Producer)
  • Yoshikazu Suo (Original Music Composer)

Fuji Television Network





Release Date:

2014-09-13 USA

Run Time:

135 min