Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine 1965-11-06 ( current )

5.4 /10
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In this campy spy movie spoof Dr. Goldfoot (Vincent Price) has invented an army of bikini-clad robots who are programmed to seek out wealthy men and charm them into signing over their assets. Secret agent Craig Gamble (Frankie Avalon) and millionaire Todd Armstrong set out to foil his fiendish plot.

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  • Vincent Price
  • Frankie Avalon
  • Dwayne Hickman
  • Jack Mullaney
  • Fred Clark
  • Norman Taurog (Director)
  • Robert Kaufman (Screenplay)
  • Elwood Ullman (Screenplay)
  • James H. Nicholson (Screenstory)
  • James H. Nicholson (Producer)

American International Pictures (AIP)


United States of America



Release Date:

1965-11-06 USA

Run Time:

88 min