Letter to the King 2014-01-17 ( current )

6.8 /10
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In Letter to the King we meet a group of refugees, all with their own agendas, on an excursion to Oslo. A young man about to be deported visits his former employers to collect his off-the-books salary, a martial arts expert is looking for work, a young woman is haunted by the past and out for vengeance and an old man named Mirza is busy writing a letter to the king to get his final wish granted. An altogether urgent and nuanced portrait of a motley group of individuals, too often regarded as a homogeneous group.

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  • Ali Bag Salimi
  • Zheer Durhan
  • Nazmi Kırık
  • Hassan Dimirci
  • Ivan Anderson
  • Hisham Zaman (Director)
  • Mehmet Aktas (Script)
  • Kjell Ola Dahl (Script)
  • Hisham Zaman (Script)

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United Arab Emirates



Release Date:

2014-01-17 USA

Run Time:

75 min