The Way He Looks 2014-03-28 ( current )

8.1 /10
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Leonardo is a blind teenager dealing with an overprotective mother while trying to live a more independent life. To the disappointment of his best friend, Giovana, he plans to go on an exchange program abroad. When Gabriel, a new student in town, arrives at their classroom, new feelings blossom in Leonardo making him question his plans.

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> Some prince charming is not after the princess. The Brasil's submission for the last concluded American Academy Awards, the 2015's Oscar edition and as we know it did not make that far. Again, one more movie in the list of 'based on the short film'. It also retained all the prominent cast and their respective roles for this full length feature. A teen romance-drama, a gay theme as well as a love triangle. Very light and softly narrated tricky romance theme and obviously suited well as a complete picture. The story was told from the perspective of a blind high school student Leo. He and Gi are the friends since childhood. She's always there for him like a pair of eyes, a companion who walks with him home, only until a new student Gabe arrives. The things are starting to change around them and they begin to realise how much valuable to each other. What comes after is the crux of the story. The same old jealousy story, but from the fresh cast it looked so good. > "In our eclipse, Gabriel would be the > Earth and you, the moon." A successful domestic box office, critically acclaimed film and the better ratings in all the online movie database, but to me it was just a good movie. The story had adorable characters and the love tale was told in a cute way, though that was not enough for me to get excited. No offense, but the gay theme was the letdown, that doesn't mean I'm against the gay. I loved 'Love of Siam' and 'Bangkok Love Story'. Maybe because I'm a straight, though I had no problem with the movies like 'Water Lilies', 'Yes or No' and other lesbian movies. It's a crazy world, full of crazy people and their crazy romances. Whatever the format is, the love is always sweet. I liked this film's concept, if it was reversed from the gay to the lesbian, probably I would have loved it more. Or the story structure and character development in the first half should have been improved. Because in the end part, looked everything hurried and forced to conclude. Don't listen to me, you might like it, but be cautious, especially don't go after it with a great expectation seeing plenty of praise everywhere. 7/10

  • Ghilherme Lobo
  • Fábio Audi
  • Selma Egrei
  • Tess Amorim
  • Eucir de Souza
  • Daniel Ribeiro (Director)
  • Diana Almeida (Producer)
  • Daniel Ribeiro (Producer)
  • Pierre de Kerchove (Director of Photography)
  • Cristian Chinen (Editor)

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Release Date:

2014-03-28 USA

Run Time:

96 min