The Blood Rules 2000-11-05 ( current )

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Mike, Jean, Shoot and Q are a professional robbery gang working for Uncle Lam. Q loves his girlfriend Bo who loves decisive men and luxury life. Shoot loves exotic fishes and Jean. Jean loves Mike, but he is married to another woman and has a young son. Uncle Lam loves good meals and big money. After finishing successfully the most recent job for Uncle Lam, Mike and his team want to take a break. Uncle Lam insists that they take one more job, which is to rob a triad boss Chicken Sam who loves diamonds in the very literal sense of the word. The robbery doesn’t go too smooth; moreover, Tom Wai, a police officer who loves his job, is getting closer and closer…

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  • Michael Wong
  • Suki Kwan
  • Jackie Lui
  • Lam Suet
  • Wong Tin-Lam
  • Marco Mak Chi-Sin (Director)


Release Date:

2000-11-05 USA

Run Time:

96 min