Pervirella 1997-09-19 ( current )

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This is the story of the beautiful young Pervirella. Set in the mythical English land of Condon, the grotesque, power-mad Queen Victoria builds a wall around the country and establishes a "Monarchy of Terror." Intellectuals and "pervs" are prosecuted and killed, or driven underground to form the "Cult of Perv." Their leader, the Demon Nanny gives birth to a possible savior, then dies. The infant Pervirella grows to maturity with supernatural speed and shows amazing abilities, including raging nymphomania whenever her magical necklace is removed. Pervirella is sought by various rebels, agents of Victoria, the Cult of Perv, and a trio of witches. Eventually she teams up with Amicus Reilly, a James Bond spoof played to stiff, campy perfection by the late David Warbeck. Wild adventures ensue!

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  • Emily Booth
  • Eileen Daly
  • Mark Lamarr
  • Jonathan Ross
  • Ron Drand
  • Alex Chandon (Director)
  • Alex Chandon (Writer)

Exotic Entertainment Productions


United Kingdom



Release Date:

1997-09-19 USA

Run Time:

92 min