Al Di Meola Jean-Luc Ponty Stanley Clarke Live at Montreux 1994-07-04 ( current )

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Guitarist Al di Meola, violinist Jean-Luc Ponty, and bassist Stanley Clarke, all of whom recorded numerous albums as leaders during the 1970s and 1980s, join forces for this 1994 concert in Montreux. Each musician's compositions are featured in this mostly acoustic performance, though charts were necessary to help them find their way through unfamiliar pieces. There is a noticeable lack of ego apparent on-stage, with no one player trying to steal the spotlight. For his solo feature, "Eulogy to Oscar Romero," Ponty incorporates the use of a digital delay to accompany himself, while Clarke's and di Meola's solo performances are more in the context of the concert. CD The Rite of Strings, which was recorded the following year.

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Al Di Meola Jean-Luc Ponty Stanley Clarke Live at Montreux User reviews

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  • Al Di Meola
  • Jean-Luc Ponty
  • Stanley Clarke


Release Date:

1994-07-04 USA

Run Time:

60 min