Jaws 3-D 1983-03-16 ( current )

4.3 /10
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This third film in the series follows a group of marine biologists attempting to capture a young great white shark that has wandered into Florida's Sea World Park. However, later it is discovered that the shark's 35-foot mother is also a guest at Sea World. What follows is the shark wreaking havoc on the visitors in the park.

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Jaws 3-D User reviews


**When in doubt - point a long stick toward the screen** These 3D ventures are amusing. Whenever the plot slows down a cast member randomly picks up a long stick and points it at the camera. This film is no exception. Whenever the plot crawls to snails pace characters start pointing long sticks at the camera for no apparent reason. Doing most of the long stick pointing here is Dennis Quaid and Bess Armstrong - she needs a _strong arm_ to pick random objects up and point them toward the camera as often as she does. - Potential Kermode

  • Dennis Quaid
  • Bess Armstrong
  • Simon MacCorkindale
  • Louis Gossett, Jr.
  • John Putch
  • Joe Alves (Director)
  • Richard Matheson (Screenplay)
  • Carl Gottlieb (Screenplay)
  • Guerdon Trueblood (Story)
  • Peter Benchley (Novel)

MCA Theatricals


United States of America



Release Date:

1983-03-16 USA

Run Time:

99 min