WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 2013-02-17 ( current )

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For the first time in over a decade The Rock is WWE Champion. But a fuming CM Punk is determined to make The Great One's reign a footnote in his enduring stretch of dominance. Plus, six former World Heavyweight Champions enter the grueling Elimination Chamber for a chance to regain championship glory at WrestleMania. The bold new alliance of John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus has emerged to inflict their own brand of justice on The Shield. And the vicious pursuit of vengeance reaches its limit when World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio takes on Big Show. It’s the most punishing stop on the Road to WrestleMania, Elimination Chamber 2013!

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  • Dwayne Johnson
  • John Cena
  • Paul Wight
  • Phillip Jack Brooks
  • Paul Heyman
  • Paul Michael Lévesque (Creative Producer)
  • Stephanie McMahon (Creative Producer)
  • Vince McMahon (Producer)
  • Kevin Dunn (Director)

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)


United States of America



Release Date:

2013-02-17 USA

Run Time:

180 min