Amazon Jack 3: Jungo Goes Bananas 2007-12-21 ( current )

5.8 /10
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Jungo is the rarest creature in the world, but also the most popular! Can his best buddies Rita the fox, Zik and Zak the monkeys, and an eager young puppy help him escape the clutches of a mad scientist intent on cloning him, a senseless psychologist who wants to analyze him, and a talk show hostess who wants Jungo to advertise her perfume?

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  • Jesper Klein
  • Kaya Brüel
  • Claus Ryskjær
  • Ole Fick
  • Anne Marie Helger
  • Flemming Quist Møller (Director)
  • Jørgen Lerdam (Director)
  • Dan Harder (Art Department Manager)


Release Date:

2007-12-21 USA

Run Time:

72 min