Sunshine Barry & the Disco Worms 2008-09-07 ( current )

5.2 /10
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It's not easy to be Barry. An earthworm gets no respect. He lives at the bottom of the food chain. But one day, an old disco record turns his life upside down. Suddenly he sees before him his own destiny, the star of the world's greatest disco band: Sunshine Barry & The Disco Worms! Okay, he's got no arms, no rhythm and no band. But as Barry says: "We'll do it anyway!"

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  • Peter Frödin
  • Lars Hjortshøj
  • Troels Lyby
  • Helle Dolleris
  • Birthe Neumann
  • Thomas Borch Nielsen (Director)
  • Morten Dragsted (Writer)
  • Dan Harder (Modeling)

SF Film





Release Date:

2008-09-07 USA

Run Time:

79 min