John Travolto: The Face with Two Left Feet 1979-05-04 ( current )

6.8 /10
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Also known as THE LONELY DESTINY OF JOHN TRAVOLTO, it's the first and only Travoltasploitation movie. It's about a hotel cook named Gianni who can't dance but is frustratingly in love with the sexy blonde DJ (Cicciolina) at the nightclub "John's Fever". When one of the cook's coworkers draws a mustache and beard on a poster of John Travolta everyone somehow finally notices that Gianni looks exactly like Travolta and the game is on.

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  • Giuseppe Spezia
  • Angelo Infanti
  • Gloria Piedimonte
  • Franco Agostini
  • Claudio Bigagli
  • Neri Parenti (Director)
  • Neri Parenti (Writer)
  • Massimo Franciosa (Writer)
  • Giovanni Simonelli (Writer)
  • Paolo Vasile (Music)


Release Date:

1979-05-04 USA