Hands Up! 1981-10-09 ( current )

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Beginning with a sci-fi prologue before finding itself with several doctors attending a medical school reunion in a sealed-up railway carriage. Between drinks, the disenchanted medicos ruminate over the effect that communism (particularly the Stalinist brand) has had on their profession. Originally banned in 1967 and finally released in 1981 after Skolimowski shot new sequences, the 76 minute 1981 version was the only one ever officially released.

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  • Jerzy Skolimowski
  • Joanna Szczerbic
  • Tadeusz Łomnicki
  • Adam Hanuszkiewicz
  • Volker Schlöndorff
  • Jerzy Skolimowski (Director)
  • Andrzej Kostenko (Cinematography)
  • Witold Sobocinski (Cinematography)
  • Grazyna Jasinska-Wisniarowska (Editor)
  • Józef Skrzek (Music)




Release Date:

1981-10-09 USA

Run Time:

76 min