A Haunting on Potter Street: The Potter Street Station 2012-11-02 ( current )

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For the first time in history a film crew has been granted permission to enter the massive and mysterious Potter Street Station of Saginaw, Michigan. Watch the evidence unfold as investigators document their journey through 30,000 square feet of suspense. Locked in over night, the investigators have 'til dawn to seek proof of the station's notorious hauntings, specifically the reported "woman in white." Hidden amongst the gritty industrial sites of Saginaw, Michigan exists a virtual porthole to the past. Potter Street is lined with boarded up saloons, abandoned centuries-old buildings, and Saginaw's best kept secret... the Potter Street Station.

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  • Steven "Prozak" Shippy
  • Tim Rooney
  • Brian Harnois
  • Adam Eugenio
  • Steven "Prozak" Shippy (Director)
  • Steven "Prozak" Shippy (Producer)

Haunted Saginaw


United States of America



Release Date:

2012-11-02 USA

Run Time:

76 min