The Guyver 1991-01-01 ( current )

5.3 /10
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FBI agent Max Reed witnesses Dr. Tetsu Segawa - a researcher for the mysterious Chronos Corporation - being murdered. Dr. Segawa had stolen an alien device known as "The Guyver" from Chronos. College student Sean Barker, whose girlfriend's father was Dr. Segawa, finds the Guyver's hiding spot while watching the forensic team investigating the crime scene.

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  • Jack Armstrong
  • Mark Hamill
  • Greg Joung Paik
  • Jimmie Walker
  • Peter Spellos
  • Jon Purdy (Author)
  • Yoshiki Takaya (Characters)
  • Steve Wang (Director)
  • Screaming Mad George (Director)

United States of America



Release Date:

1991-01-01 USA

Run Time:

88 min