Return of the Killer Shrews 2012-01-01 ( current )

2.7 /10
5 Reviews

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A reality TV crew charter a boat to an island for filming, one which the boat's captain had been to before and attacked by giant shrews, more than fifty years earlier.

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Return of the Killer Shrews User reviews


While the original is at least moderately endearing, the 50+ years on sequel is bad in every conceivable way. Final rating:½ - So bad it’s offensive.

  • John Schneider
  • Sean Flynn
  • James Best
  • Bruce Davison
  • Rick Hurst
  • Steve Latshaw (Director)
  • Steve Latshaw (Writer)
  • James Best (Writer)
  • Pat Moran (Writer)
  • Dorothy Best (Producer)

Coal Train Productions


United States of America



Release Date:

2012-01-01 USA