Dark Water 2002-01-19 ( current )

6.7 /10
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A woman in the midst of an unpleasant divorce moves to an eerie apartment building with her young daughter. The ceiling of their apartment has a dark and active leak.

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Dark Water User reviews


This was very enjoyable and I especially loved the ambience, murkiness and palpable dread that coruscated throughout. This scared my son, a budding horror-film aficionado himself, surprisingly much more than I felt more horrific films he has watched did, and gave him nightmares for a while afterwards. As much as I love Jennifer Connelly and Walter Salles' work, I will try and avoid the English-language remake simply on general principle.

  • Hitomi Kuroki
  • Mirei Oguchi
  • Fumiyo Kohinata
  • Asami Mizukawa
  • Rio Kanno
  • Hideo Nakata (Director)
  • Yoshihiro Nakamura (Screenplay)
  • Kôji Suzuki (Novel)
  • Takashige Ichise (Producer)
  • Shikao Suga (Original Music Composer)

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Release Date:

2002-01-19 USA

Run Time:

101 min