Fist of the North Star: Legend of Yuria 2007-02-23 ( current )

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This OVA features a somewhat original storyline because it presents the story from Yuria's perspective, spanning from her childhood, including the day she first met Kenshiro, to the conclusion of the previous film, as well as certain scenes from the manga and anime in which Yuria was not present. This story is the most expansive of the series, even covering never before seen events from Yuria's childhood, revealing both her mother and father, as well as her brother Ryuuga during his childhood. It also adds some details that were not in the manga, such as the time and place when Yuria developed her illness, her meeting with Rei (making his only appearance in the series), and her transition to the role of the Nanto General. One of the more notable additions is Yuria's dog Tobi, who serves an important role in the relationship between her and Ken. However, the OVA ends at the death of Souther and does not follow Yuria to the time of her death.

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  • Hiroshi Abe
  • Takashi Ukaji
  • Yuriko Ishida
  • Ken'yuu Horiuchi
  • Hidehito Ueda (Director)
  • Buronson (Writer)
  • Tetsuo Hara (Writer)






Release Date:

2007-02-23 USA