Superman IV: The Quest for Peace 1987-07-23 ( current )

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With global superpowers engaged in an increasingly hostile arms race, Superman leads a crusade to rid the world of nuclear weapons. But Lex Luthor, recently sprung from jail, is declaring war on the Man of Steel and his quest to save the planet. Using a strand of Superman's hair, Luthor synthesizes a powerful ally known as Nuclear Man and ignites an epic battle spanning Earth and space.

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Superman IV: The Quest for Peace User reviews


**Better than the tedious Superman Returns/Man Of Steel** Bad effects aside, this one is definitely more fun than the _tedious and dull_ Superman Returns and Man Of Steel stuff - an overload of special effects does not make an engaging film. The performances here are all top notch as usual and the plot moved swiftly without taking itself too seriously. The franchise has always been silly - stupid even - especially when we remember that _Richard Donner's Superman had Ned Beatty as the moronic Otis._ The silliness has always been integral to the Superman series.


Filled with cheap gags, really horrible visual effects, a lazy story, a very bad musical score by Alexander Courage, a terrible villain (Nuclear Man), and some tiresome performances by the cast (except for Christopher Reeve), Superman IV: The Quest For Peace is one of the worst films ever made, the one of the worst movie sequels of all time, and the worst Superman film of all time. It is the kryptonite nail in the coffin for the Superman films, and none of the films after this even tried to save the Man Of Steel from his own detriment.

  • Christopher Reeve
  • Margot Kidder
  • Gene Hackman
  • Jackie Cooper
  • Marc McClure
  • Sidney J. Furie (Director)
  • Lawrence Konner (Screenplay)
  • Mark Rosenthal (Screenplay)
  • Yoram Globus (Producer)
  • Menahem Golan (Producer)

Cannon Group


United Kingdom



Release Date:

1987-07-23 USA

Run Time:

90 min