The Black Cauldron 1985-07-24 ( current )

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Taran is an assistant pigkeeper with boyish dreams of becoming a great warrior. However, he has to put the daydreaming aside when his charge, an oracular pig named Hen Wen, is kidnapped by an evil lord known as the Horned King. The villain hopes Hen will show him the way to The Black Cauldron, which has the power to create a giant army of unstoppable soldiers.

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  • Grant Bardsley
  • Susan Sheridan
  • John Byner
  • Nigel Hawthorne
  • John Hurt
  • Ted Berman (Director)
  • Lloyd Alexander (Novel)
  • Roy Edward Disney (Dialogue)
  • Joe Hale (Producer)
  • Ron W. Miller (Executive Producer)

Silver Screen Partners II


United States of America



Release Date:

1985-07-24 USA

Run Time:

80 min